Do you spend money on things you don’t need? Do you often have regrets about purchases? Do you find yourself going back to the moment you bought something and wish you just told yourself no? Well what you’re about to see isn’t a time machine, but it’s just as valuable. Lock-it Pocket, is a safe and secure place for your credit and debit cards. It’s a completely customizable pocket that “locks” your card. When you take it out of your purse or wallet to purchase something, certain prompts and nudges are along the way to help you just say no. Each card can be customized to be filled with the things that are important to you specifically, and make it a truly personalized item that can kick the wild spending habits. Maybe theres a vacation you want to save for, or a new car? Insert these photos into the wallet, and it will help remind you what to truly save your money for. While the piggy bank is a symbol for saving, the piggy bank character can also be customized to your liking. Lock-it Pocket, a friend to help you not spend.

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