November 22, 1963 is a day the life of a president and a good person was lost. Even though it is a sad day to look back on, John F. Kennedy’s legacy still inspires hope to this day. All of the history he made can be found at the JFK Library & Museum in Dorchester, MA. This museum showcases his life from an early childhood, up until his final day. For this rebrand, the idea of a legacy and hope after a tragic lost, was the inspiration. The logo represents a void with the missing letter f. How it may not actually be present, it is still known and still exists in a way. The different shades of blue chosen to represent the brand, were inspired by his Democratic roots, and by the Atlantic, which sits right next to the museum. JFK was also an avid sailor with his boat, Victura, and was enlisted in the Navy in his earlier days. Along with the colors, the typefaces chosen, Miller and Avenir, give the brand a sophisticated and presidential feel, which the museum itself presents.

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