Alchemy is an ancient art where space, magic, and science converge. In the 18th century, Alchemists would research ways of turning metals into gold, while simultaneously searching for an elixir of life. Today, The Alchemist Craft Brewery located in Vermont, spends their time crafting their own gold and elixir of life. For this rebrand, elements from ancient alchemy drove the main inspiration points. The colors chosen were inspired by space and galaxies. The typefaces were chosen for their mystical characteristics, and a custom typeface was used for the logo, which draws inspiration from old alchemical glyphs. The illustrations belong to alchemical ideas and tools. The "Hand of the Master Mason", is the alchemical representation of man turning into god. The idea was flipped to represent the art of man making beer, each finger including the basic ingredients in most brew types, and a key flavor note located on the thumb. This was an added addition to each can, to describe the unique flavors of each brew. 

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